Who’s better than companions
when we’re anxious, worried and lonely?

Introducing Calmpanions™

We keep you Company. Comforted. Carefree. And Calm

The only personal, portable, affordable anxiety solution that blends both artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence.


Calmpanions bring to life our exclusive, patent-pending “AI/EI brain”, the world’s first artificially and emotionally intelligent Behavior Change Engine.

This proprietary union of positive psychology and intelligent technology is adaptive to every individual who wants to transform from trauma to calmness, and from anxiety to serenity.

Calmpanions are in development now, with an initial focus on cancer patients — and the people and professionals who care for and about them.

When can I get my paws on one?

Find out First! Launching soon on Kickstarter.

We respect your privacy and will never sell or misuse your personal information. 

The World’s Most Cuddly, Caring and Calming Companion

Say hello to Calmpanions.  Soft on the outside, super smart on the inside.  In fact, Calmpanions are the only digital, calming companion that are both artificially and emotionally intelligent.

Face it, not all companions are calming and comforting. Right? Some companions even add to our stress.

But Calmpanions are always here to befriend you, relax you, ease worries, promote peace of mind and wellbeing, and help relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and alleviate loneliness.

Even during a personal crisis and traumatic, turbulent times.

They’re cuddly, too. And easy to carry everywhere.

Calmpanions are soft on the outside, super smart on the inside, and always on your side. They’re a whole new breed of “digital calming companions” — programmed with unique Calmpanionship modalities.

You’ll never feel lonely or anxious again with Calmpanions close to you.  Here’s why:

Huggable, comforting and soft – My Calmpanion feels good!

Self contained and portable – No internet or remote control required.

Soothing music and lights give you immediate calm.

Voice and push button activation – hands free!

Proven mindfulness techniques help you relax.

Knows who you are – even if you’re wearing a mask!

Facial and Expression Recognition determines and reacts to moods.

Records loved ones voices (through the companion app) and pictures to listen or view anytime.

Most of all, Calmpanions know how to comfort YOU!

We respect your privacy and will never sell or misuse your personal information. 

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