Who calms cancer patients when you can’t be there?


Soft on the outside. Smart on the inside.

And always on your side.

The Problem

The Need for Mental Wellness is HUGE, Yet…

There is a limited availability of engaging, affordable, long term, non drug-induced experiences that consistently and permanently calm anxiety for people of all ages.

Here are Some Startling Facts

  • 43% sometimes or always feel that their relationships are not meaningful.
  • Anxiety is rapidly increasing, currently affecting 1 in 13 people.
  • 3 in 5 Americans feel lonely and misunderstood.
  • In 2020, 63% of men and 58% of women feel lonely.
  • 1 in 4 people are currently experiencing a mental disorder.
  •  45% of cancer patients experience extreme anxiety and PTSD.
  • 1 Billion People Suffer from Anxiety.
  • Prescription anti-anxiety drugs contribute. to the growing $600 Billion Opiod crisis.
  • There is an unprecedented Mental Wellness Crisis with Anxiety Rapidly Increasing.
  • People are too afraid, embarrassed or stigmatized to seek live mental health assistance.

Our Solution

Calmpanion and Smart Digital Calming Coach


  • Plush is soft and squeezable – invokes good memories of childhood Teddy Bear.
  • Removes barriers to mental health stigma.
  • Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) technology continuously learns about you, matches your personality and updates as you interact.
  • Frequently and remotely updated mindfulness calming techniques and exercises (content) create fresh, positive, engaging experiences and loyal customers.
  • Provides a unique alternative to other anti-stress and anxiety relief options. 

Meet the World’s Most Cuddly, Caring and Calming Companion

Say hello to Calmpanions.  Soft on the outside, super smart on the inside.  My Calmpanion is the only digital, calming companion that’s both artificially and emotionally intelligent.

Demonstration Videos

Hug Response – In Lab Demo

Tell Me a Joke – In Lab Demo

Waking Up & Going to Sleep – In Lab

Hug Response – Alpha Demo

Tell Me a Joke – Alpha Demo

Waking Up & Going to Sleep – Alpha 

Our Market

Wellness is a 4.5 TRILLION Dollar Market
Our Place Is in the $26.3B Mental Wellness Tech Space

Our Niche

Positive Mental Health and Promoting Calm Through and After a Cancer Event. 

Calmpanions are a patent-pending combination of three quickly developing technologies:

  • Companion Pets

  • Mindfulness Trainer

  • Digital Mental Health Monitoring

By combining these three emerging and fast growth technologies, we have created a scalable device that doesn’t exist today to solve an ever growing problem in cancer patients and worldwide – loneliness and anxiety about the future – in the form of a cuddly teddy bear, usable at any age.   

Why We Are Unique


Our Patent-Pending proprietary Behavioral Change Engine combines cutting edge rapid behavior change and calming protocols with biometric data collection and processing to achieve a “smart”, talking Calming Companion that’s the only one of it’s kind.

  • Soft, huggable plush body physically calms the user.
  • Proven mindfulness techniques calm without drugs.
  • Bio sensors collect and analyze while storing historical data.
  • Self contained and portable – No internet or remote control required.
  • Lights color, sound and voice recording /playback provide multiple enrichment experiences.
  • Intelligence (AI and EI) and Natural Language Processing promotes connection.
  • Facial and Expression Recognition determines and reacts to moods

Calmpanions Vs. Other Popular Calming Options

Go to Market Plan

Here is our plan to bring Calmpanions to market:

Our Story

Calmpanions weres born after the Holisec Group co-founder Stephanie Frank had experienced years of end-of-life caretaking for her mother and husband at the same time, and the resulting caregiver burnout. 

It was, naturally, a stressful, anxious and often lonely time.  One thing that gave her comfort was a simple, soft, cuddly companion.

With her personal familiarity – and her deep professional experience as a behavioral expert – Stephanie recognized a need and an opportunity to solve it:

“Imagine,” she thought, “if this toy could also talk!”



What if it could be more than just soft on the outside — but also smart on the inside?

Able to actually help calm and comfort people, and interact based on their unique needs and personalities.

They would be more than companions. They would be Calmpanions.

That would surely help anybody and everybody who was suffering from anxiety, worry, fear and loneliness.

Our Team

As a team, we have a strong culture, passion, vision, mission and values and we know why we are here.  Our origin story is moving and we have a strong desire to create positive impact.

Our core competency is innovation, perseverance, creativity and business success experience. Our core team has a history of success in working together and developing and supporting our products.

The co-founders have a deep background in AI, Data Fusion, Statistical Prediction, Bio Sensors and Positive and Applied Psychology, Rapid behavior change, Neurolinguistics, Brain Science and Emotion and Behavior.  In addition, they bring strong business building backgrounds, each having built multi-million dollar businesses from nothing.

Our core team also has deep experience in motivation, engagement, coaching, teaching, business strategy and sales/marketing.  In addition, we have advisors / experts in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuroscience and Psychology.

Bryce Kuhlman: (The Scientist)

A Serial Entrepreneur. Maker. Wizard. Egghead. Rocket Scientist (for a while… until he got bored).

Bryce’s only goal in life is to work with amazing people to create things that would never otherwise have existed.

They say actions speak louder than words, so if you want to know more about him, click here for a short, curated list of some things he’s done.

Just mention the word “impossible” and Bryce will be on it in a heartbeat.

Cliff Edwards: (The Backbone)

Cliff is inspired by the idea of a world in which individuals, businesses and governments work cooperatively to solve the big issues of our times. He feels equally comfortable in the hard facts world of science and technology, and the softer, squishier realm of personal development and interpersonal relationship.  

Providing a balance between systems, process, production and infrastructure, Cliff also brings his coaching and linguistic talent to the team.

The “Quick Witted One”, Cliff is always available to give a play on words, a droll observation or some kind of funny, quirky one – liner.

Stephanie Frank: (The Translator)

If broad knowledge and flexibility is a pillar of success, Stephanie brings it to the team in spades.  She has built multiple million dollar businesses, and has extensive experience in implementing processes and systems for success.  She is highly skilled communicator, able to understand the styles and needs of different personality types necessary for building successful business teams.

Dubbed a “radically happy personality”, Stephanie loves animals, yoga, outdoors and the creative presentation of food. She is young at heart and speaks fluent English, Geek, Tech, Kitchen, Love and sometimes Woof!

Joyce Lynn White: (The Connector)

Having extremely large circles of influence in many different areas of concentration, Joyce has the connection game down to a science. She prides herself in connecting others with WHO they need to know in order to move to greater levels of success and contribution. 

Joyce combines her lifelong experience in marketing and educational leadership with her natural desire to connect and serve, making her a peerless expert in building and maintaining business relationships.  

Joyce is the “laughing one”, always ready with a lighthearted laugh or a story to make your day.

The Funding Request

We are seeking private funding in the amount of $100,000 to produce our first 1000 bears in a short run.  We will need additional funding of $400,000 as we move forward to mass produce bears.  We are also looking for interested skilled non-investors to help in other areas. 

The Plan

The founders are personally funding the research, development and prototype bears.  

Additional funding will be needed for production manufacturing. 

First Round – Founders, Family, Friends and Associates

Private Page / Offer
  • Donations
  • In Kind Trades – Services, Parts etc.

Second Round

Kickstarter Crowdfunding
  • Rewards Based Pre-Sales

Third Round (If Necessary)

Angel Investor Network

Use of Funds


  • Ongoing Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Staffing and Short Term Contractors
  • Legal and Accounting / Professional Services
  • Packaging 

Calmpanions will sell for approximately $997 and will include after Sale Offerings, Subscription and One Time Purchases such as:

  • Content Update Subscription $4.97 / Month
  • Connection Update Subscription: $19.97 / Month
  • One Time Calming Session: $4.97
  • Unlimited Calming Sessions: $19.97 / Mo
  • No charge Support
  • “Accessories” – Upgraded Medical Device – TBD

If You Want to Learn More, Let Us Know…

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